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Nylon Chemical Pump ( CMP/12 )[edit | edit source]

Self priming Vertical Lift pump. Nylon construction with stainless steel plunger rod & PTFE seals. Complete with 2” polypropylene bung adaptor. Suitable for use on 210 litre drums

WETTED COMPONENTS : Nylon, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel & PTFE

RECOMMENDED USE : Lacquer, Thinners, Detergents, Glycerine, Water, Weed Killer, Brake Kleen, Mild Acids & Petroleum Based Media

DO NOT USE WITH : Strong Acids, Bleach & Petrol

Plastic Rotary Pump ( PRP/01 )[edit | edit source]

Special application pump designed to be used with a wide variety of media that cannot be pumped using a regular cast iron or steel pump. Body made from glass filled polypropylene with ryton vanes. Viton rubber seal & stainless steel hardware. Complete with 3 pc threaded suction tube suitable for use on 50-210 litre drums.

WETTED COMPONENTS : Polypropylene, Ryton, Viton & Stainless Steel

RECOMMENDED USE : Water based media, acids, chemicals, detergents, benzene, glycerine etc.

DO NOT USE WITH : Acetone, Lacquer, Mineral Oils, Solvents, Turpentine etc.

Plastic Lever Pump ( PLP/02 )[edit | edit source]

Lever action barrel pump designed for use with high viscosity oils, thick fluids, agricultural chemicals etc. Easy & comfortable operation. Built in 2" bung adaptor allows pump to be fixed directly on drums with 2" opening. Pump position can be adjusted using the lock nut incorporated in the pump body. Air vent cap fitted in the outlet helps break siphon action. Complete with suction tube for use on 50 – 210 litre drums & 3/4"× 2m flexible corrugated hose

WETTED COMPONENTS : Polyacetal, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC & Viton

RECOMMENDED USE : Water-based media, Detergents, Soaps, Antifreeze, Windshield washer, Hydraulic oils, Lubricants, Herbicides & Pesticides, Adblue, Urea, DEF etc. Pump should only be used with Non-flammable liquids

DO NOT USE WITH : Any media that is not compatible with the materials used in the pump construction. These pumps must never be used for fuel transfer or with thinners, solvents, hydraulic oils etc.

Siphon Pumps[edit | edit source]

Easy to use, polyethylene pumps siphon liquids to lower levels than the height at which the pump is installed. These are easy to prime & start within 6-7 strokes. Pump requires no further operation & keeps working in auto position. All pumps are equipped with a vent cap on top. Opening the cap stops discharge To dispense media at levels higher than the pump, pump below needs to be continuously operated Supplied complete with flexible corrugated discharge tube.

RECOMMENDED USE : Water-based fluids, detergents, waxes, soaps, antifreeze, some mild acids, and other liquids compatible with pump construction materials. Pump should only be used with light weight & nonflammable liquids

DO NOT USE WITH : Any media not compatible with materials used in the pump construction Pumps must never be used with hot media at temperatures above 60°C (140°F). These pumps must never be used with concentrated acids, Acetone, Benzene etc.

SPH/1 6.5 LPM 1-1/2" for use with pails 5-20 litre / 5 gal. pails 551 mm
SPH/2 17.5 LPM 2" for use with drums 205 litre / 55 gal. drums 1180 mm
SPH/3 21 LPM 2" for use with drums 205 litre / 55 gal. drums 1212 mm