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Air / Water Hose Reel[edit | edit source]

Safe storage system that keeps hoses off the floor, reducing wear and tear of costly hose, prevents accidents and keeps workplace CLUTTER FREE

Compact & Fully Enclosed Design

• Fully enclosed design protects the inner spring from water & dirt

• Compact size allows these to be used in confined spaces with ease

• The Top cover discreetly hides the handle yet makes it easily accessible

• Drive spring – superior choice of material, control hardness, moment of force makes these durable and long lasting.

Auto Roll-Up : Equipped with slow rewinding mechanism ensuring no injury to the user. Hose can be locked at any desired position

180° Swivel Wall Bracket : Easily fix the bracket on the wall using screws. Hose reel can swivel 180° on the bracket and can be adjusted in the desired angle. User can change the hose easily as per its needs/application

Metal Hose Reels[edit | edit source]

All metal hose reels. Ribbed steel design prevents bending & flexing. Rolled edges for added strength & stability. Compact design allows these to be used in confined spaces with ease.

Cassetted Spring Design : Drive springs are manufactured from highest quality spring steel that ensures long life. Precise manufacturing guarantees a superior quality edge. Fully enclosed cassetted design makes the spring resistant to corrosion caused by water & dirt, guaranteeing longer life & trouble free operation. Convenient & safe maintenance.

Heavy Duty Dual Ratchet : Reduces stress on spring providing smooth & balanced operation during hose extension & retraction. Ratchet teeth can lock hose in multiple usable positions.

Multiple Position Guide Arm : Guide arms can be adjusted at 45° intervals for floor, wall or truck mounting with a convenient mounting angle for hose to be released at optimum position.

Reels are available With

a. Dual Guide Arm: Medium & high pressure applications involving grease & oils. Dual guide arm design is structurally reinforced. strengthened with metal ribs that prevent flexing and bending due to hose pull

b. Single Guide Arm: For low pressure applications involving air and water.

Adjustable roller guide arm with removable nylon guide rollers reduces drag & wear. Inlet swivel reduces torque load on power spring for smoother hose movement & durability. 1/4" (6.35 mm) thick steel base with easy mounting eyelet hole. All components are powder coated after cleaning, degreasing & iron phosphate penetrating ensuring a long lasting, durable & attractive finish. Hose Reel accessories for floor mounting & angular mounting on walls are also available

Retracta® Auto Rewind Hose Reels[edit | edit source]

The #1 Selling Auto Rewind Hose reel with features unmatched by any in the Industry. Safe storage system that keeps hoses off the floor, thus reducing costly hose wear, avoiding accidents & keeping workplace organized. Made from weather resistant, high impact UV stabilized Polypropylene Positive locking mechanism allows mounting in any position: on the wall, roof, shelf etc. Low rewind tension allows easy hose pull out. Stainless Steel mouth for improved hose & reel service life. Includes Lift Handle, Mounting Bracket that enables 180° rotation. Supplied complete with hose.

Available in 3 types for use with,

1.  Air/Water (upto a max. working temperature of 60°C)

2.  Oil

3.  Grease