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Drum Dolly[edit | edit source]

Extra heavy duty drum dolly for convenient movement of 180 kg/210 litre drums in shop floors & rough workshop environment. Manufactured from solid 3 mm (11 guage) steel sheet. Design incorporates wide steel cross bases for full base support. Premium powder coated finish. Firmly welded solid cast iron 4 wheels (75 mm dia. × 35 mm wide)

Holds drums of dia. 23" (584 mm)

Overall Height 6-1/2" (165 mm)

Loading Capacity 545 kg (max)

CAT NR.   BDL/140S

Low Profile Drum Trolley[edit | edit source]

Low Profile Drum Trolley, Drum platform only 1/2" (12 mm) off the floor, facilitating easy loading & unloading. Extra heavy duty construction, from 5 mm (6 gauge) steel sheet, with a loading capacity of 545 kgs (1200 lbs). Fully powder coated finish. Removable pivoting handle includes drum tipper for easy loading 2 large Phenolic front wheels 5-3/4" dia. (146 mm) × 1-7/8" (47 mm) wide & one back phenolic swivel wheel 3" (75 mm) dia. × 1-3/8" (35 mm) wide. Trolley can accommodate drums up to a dia. of 26" (660 mm). Unit comes flat packed in semi-knocked down condition for ease of transport.

CAT NR.   TRL/55 205 litre (55 gal.) drums

Drum Wrench[edit | edit source]

An easy & convenient tool to open almost all types of drums. Manufactured from cast aluminum (LM25), hardened & tempered for increased Strength. Ends of the wrench are designed to fit perfectly onto most 2" & 3/4" drum plugs. Compact design for easy Storage.

CAT NR.   DRW/AL- 01

Drum Trolleys[edit | edit source]

Rugged build with outstanding features make this trolley ideal for use in workshops & industrial floors for transfer of large 210 litre drums & buckets. Manufactured from heavy gauge 4 mm thick steel sheet for increased strength & durability 3" (75 mm) ground clearance for smooth movement over uneven surfaces in workshop environment 6" (150 mm) wide polyurethane front wheels with nylon rim for reduced wear & tear. Heavy duty rear castors with toe locks for higher safety & stability . Trolley for 50-210 litre drums. Can be used just as a trolley for safe movement of oil drums or a complete dispensing system with hose reel & pneumatic pump.

TRL/50 50-60 kg drums /16 gal. / 120 lb
TRL/180D 180 Kg / 205 litre drums / Trolley comes complete with safety chain  for secure holding of drum